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2 January 2020

Lack of regulations for water salute factor in collision of Airbus A340 with firetruck in Argentina

2 January 2020

A lack of regulations for a water salute was a factor in a collision in Argentina when an Airbus A340 hit the extended arm of a firetruck, according to a newly published investigation report.

Report: Slow rotation technique caused abnormally long takeoff roll of A340-300 at Bogota

15 July 2019

BEA France concluded that a slow rotation technique of the pilot of an Air France A340-300 at Bogota caused an abnormally long takeoff roll with the aircraft crossing the threshold at 6 feet.

Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 damaged after tow tug caught fire at Frankfurt, Germany

11 June 2018

A Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 suffered serious damage to the cockpit after the tow tug caught fire at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.

Report: A340 under tow hits RJ100 standing short of stopping line at Copenhagen Airport

23 March 2017

The Danish Accident Investigation Board published their final report on a ground collision between an A340 and an RJ100 at Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.