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16 March 2022

ATSB publishes final report on A330 that took off with pitot covers attached

16 March 2022

The ATSB has released the final report from its investigation into a serious incident where a Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 took off from Brisbane Airport with no airspeed information because all pitot probe covers were still attached.

RR Trent engine fan blade failure on A330-300 leads to enhanced inspection processes

13 July 2020

A fan blade failure in an Airbus A330’s Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engine due to a fatigue crack has led to enhanced inspection processes and technical solutions that reduce the likelihood of future similar occurrences, a new ATSB investigation report details.

ATSB recommends mandating PW4170 engine modification after incident

6 November 2019

The ATSB issued recommendations to the FAA and Pratt & Whitney to mandate a modification that would prevent a component failure of the PW4170 series engine which powers some Airbus A330 airliners.

Air China Airbus A330-300 caught fire at the gate at Beijing-Capital Airport China

27 August 2019

An Air China Airbus A330-300 caught fire at the gate at Beijing-Capital Airport China. No injuries reported.

Pitot probe covers focus of safety advisory notice for operators at Brisbane Airport, Australia

30 August 2018

The ATSB has issued a safety advisory notice to all operators flying to Brisbane Airport, Australia, to consider the use of pitot probe covers there and to have rigorous processes in place to confirm the covers are removed before flight.

Report: Dual engine surge incident on Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-300

file photo of A330 9V-SSF (photo: Prayitno / CC:by) 2 August 2018

The Singapore Transport Safety Investigation Bureau issued their final report on a dual engine surge incident on a Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-300 between Singapore and Shanghai.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 returns to Brisbane Airport, reportedly with two pitot tubes still covered

21 July 2018

A Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 reportedly returned to Brisbane Airport on July 18 with the captain and standby pitot tubes still covered.

Asiana Airbus A330 knocks over vertical stabilizer of Turkish Airlines A321 at Istanbul Airport

13 May 2018

An Asiana Airbus A330 knocked over the vertical stabilizer of a Turkish Airlines A321 at Istanbul Airport as it was taxiing past for departure.

ATSB: Procedures and training leads to safe landing for unexpected engine failure by birdstrike on A330

3 May 2018

A birdstrike and engine failure occurrence on an Airbus A330 in Australia demonstrated that preparation, training and proper procedures help flight crews respond to rare and unexpected situations, according to an ATSB investigation report.

Final report: A330 runway incursion incident when crew gets distracted during taxiing at Tokyo-Narita

4 April 2018

The JTSB issued their final report on a serious Airbus A330 runway incursion incident that occurred at Tokyo-Narita Airport, Japan when the crew got distracted during taxiing.