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21 April 2020

AAIB: Biocide overdose in fuel after maintenance caused serious engine issues on Airbus A321

21 April 2020

An overdose of biocide, added to the aircraft’s fuel after maintenance, caused serious engine issues during a repositioning flight of an Airbus A321 from London-Gatwick Airport, according to an interim AAIB report.

FAA issues emergency AD following Vietnam Airlines A321 uncontained IAE V2533 engine failure

22 March 2020

The U.S. FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive following a recent Vietnam Airlines A321 uncontained IAE V2533 engine failure on takeoff.

Nordwind Airbus A321 suffers hard landing at Antalya, Turkey

10 January 2020

A Nordwind Airbus A321 suffered a hard landing at Antalya, Turkey, causing the nose landing gear to be pushed into the fuselage.

Report: EFB charger cable causes fumes event on Swiss Airbus A321

6 January 2020

An EFB charger cable damage caused a fumes event and overweight landing involving a Swiss Airbus A321 in 2018, according to a newly released report.

BFU Germany investigates serious airprox incident: Airbus A321 missed glider by 60 m

12 October 2019

BFU Germany is investigating serious airprox incident of July 2019 in which an Airbus A321 missed a glider by 60 m near Hamburg, Germany,

Ural Airlines Airbus A321 emergency landing in corn field after bird strike on takeoff, Moscow

15 August 2019

An Ural Airlines Airbus A321 made an emergency gear-up landing in a corn field after suffering a bird strike on takeoff from Zhukovsky International Airport, Moscow.

Air India Airbus A321 suffers serious FOD on takeoff from Tirupati Airport, India

29 January 2019

An Air India Airbus A321 suffered serious FOD on takeoff from Tirupati Airport, India.

China Southern Airbus A321 returned to Penang, Malaysia after power bank smoke incident

23 December 2018

A China Southern Airbus A321-211 returned to land at Penang, Malaysia after a passenger’s power bank started emitting smoke.

Asiana Airbus A330 knocks over vertical stabilizer of Turkish Airlines A321 at Istanbul Airport

13 May 2018

An Asiana Airbus A330 knocked over the vertical stabilizer of a Turkish Airlines A321 at Istanbul Airport as it was taxiing past for departure.

Air India Airbus A321 returns to land at Delhi after hitting a weather balloon

29 April 2018

An Air India Airbus A321 returned to land at Delhi Airport after hitting a weather balloon.