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17 September 2021

Report: A320 had to avoid terrain after avoiding helicopter on departure

17 September 2021

An A320 on departure from Kavala, Greece, had to descend to avoid colliding with a helicopter and then had to climb to avoid mountains, according to the newly released investigation report.

Screwdriver tip left in engine during maintenance results in engine failure on take-off

16 August 2021

An engine power loss and rejected take-off incident involving an Airbus A320 at Brisbane Airport occurred after a screwdriver tip was left inside the engine during maintenance.

Loadsheet error factor in A320 tailstrike incident, Milan

15 April 2021

An A320 suffered a tailstrike on takeoff from Milan because of an uneven aircraft loading. Loadsheet preparation procedures led to an error during stopover, according to a newly released accident report.

Report: A320 touched down partially outside runway in heavy rainfall at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

26 February 2021

Poor CRM was a factor when an Airbus A320 touched down partially outside the runway while landing in heavy rainfall at Rio de Janeiro/Galeão Airport, Brazil, in March 2019, according to the newly released final report.

Report: Hydraulic leak caused A320 runway excursion on landing, Bulgaria

18 February 2021

A hydraulic leak on final approach to Bourgas Airport, Bulgaria, caused an Airbus A320 to suffer a runway excursion on landing according to the just released final report.

Report: A320 struck runway edge lights on landing, Calicut, India

9 September 2020

An Etihad A320 landed on the right side of the runway after a loss of situational awareness by the pilot, according to a newly released investigation report.

Report: Improper maintenance causes A320 fan cowl detachment on takeoff

5 September 2020

A failure to follow maintenance procedures caused an A320 to loose both unlatched no.1 engine fan cowls on takeoff from Bilbao, Spain in October 2018, according to a newly released incident report.

Report: Airbus A320 contained engine failure and unnecessary emergency evacuation at Stansted Airport

6 August 2020

The AAIB reports that an Airbus A320 was unnecessarily evacuated following an aborted takeoff at London-Stansted Airport after contained engine failure.

Preliminary report on PK8303 issued: gear-up landing after unstabilized approach preceded crash

24 June 2020

AAIB Pakistan released the preliminary report into the PK8303 accident at Karachi. The aircraft lost engine power after a go-around following an unstabilized approach and gear-up landing.

Taxiing S7 Airbus A320neo hits tail of Ural A320 at St. Petersburg Airport, Russia

14 June 2020

A taxiing S7 Airbus A320neo struck the tail of an Ural Airlines A320 that was standing on a turnoff to the runway at St. Petersburg Airport, Russia.