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6 August 2020

Report: Airbus A320 contained engine failure and unnecessary emergency evacuation at Stansted Airport

6 August 2020

The AAIB reports that an Airbus A320 was unnecessarily evacuated following an aborted takeoff at London-Stansted Airport after contained engine failure.

Preliminary report on PK8303 issued: gear-up landing after unstabilized approach preceded crash

24 June 2020

AAIB Pakistan released the preliminary report into the PK8303 accident at Karachi. The aircraft lost engine power after a go-around following an unstabilized approach and gear-up landing.

Taxiing S7 Airbus A320neo hits tail of Ural A320 at St. Petersburg Airport, Russia

14 June 2020

A taxiing S7 Airbus A320neo struck the tail of an Ural Airlines A320 that was standing on a turnoff to the runway at St. Petersburg Airport, Russia.

PIA A320 landed gear-up and performed go-around before fatal accident at Karachi, Pakistan

23 May 2020

The PIA A320 that crashed at Karachi, Pakistan suffered a gear-up landing and performed a go-around before the engines lost power and the aircraft crashed in a residential area.

Lack of stop bar, situational awareness factors in serious runway incursion incident at Geneva, Switzerland

13 February 2020

The newly released final report of a serious runway incursion incident at Geneva, Switzerland in 2015 shows the lack of stop bar and situational awareness were factors.

China Eastern Airbus A320 returned to Nanjing after lithium battery power bank fire

4 September 2019

A China Eastern Airbus A320-214 returned to land at Nanjing after a lithium battery power bank suffered a thermal runaway.

Inadequate phraseology caused serious runway incursion incident at Paris-CDG in Nov 2014

11 August 2019

BEA France released a final report on a serious runway incursion incident at Paris-CDG in Nov 2014, citing inadequate phraseology that caused an Airbus A319 to cross an active runway.

Report: Boeing 737 touched down as an A320 had just left the ground at Edinburgh

30 May 2019

The late line-up of an Airbus A320 and the faster than normal approach of a Boeing 737-800 were factors in a serious incident at Edinburgh in which the 737 touched down as the A320 had just left the ground.

Report: Airbus A320 damaged at Dubai when water salute goes wrong

9 April 2019

The UAE GCAA released an incident report of a Saudia Airlines Airbus A320 that was damaged at Dubai when water salute went wrong.

Operational pressure factor in A320 engine thrust reverser issue on landing at Sydney

24 March 2019

A lock-out pin not removed after maintenance meant the crew of an Airbus A320 landed at Sydney with reverse thrust inadvertently deactivated.