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28 November 2021

Report: B767 brakes caught fire after high-speed rejected takeoff

28 November 2021

An AAIU report concluded that main gear brakes on a Boeing 767 caught fire after the flight crew began taxiing too soon after a high speed rejected takeoff at Shannon, Ireland.

FAA warns pilots for Ethiopian airspace

21 November 2021

The U.S. FAA is advising pilots to exercise caution when operating in Ethiopian airspace below FL290.

A350 slid off taxiway due to poor ice control on taxiways

10 November 2021

A Finnair Airbus A350 departing on a cargo flight to Tokyo slid partially off a slippery taxiway at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on February 21, 2021. Substandard ice control on taxiways was a factor, according to the newly released investigation report.

South Sudan grounds Nyanbiting Aviation over safety concerns

8 November 2021

South Sudan’s CAA has ordered the temporary grounding of Nyanbiting Aviation’s Antonov An-26 cargo plane over safety concerns.

ICAO’s standardized runway reporting format has now become applicable

5 November 2021

The ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions, became applicable worldwide on 4 November 2021.

Maintenance error led to fatal Saab 2000 runway overrun accident, Alaska

3 November 2021

A PenAir Saab 2000 turboprop airplane overran a runway in Alaska because its braking system was compromised by incorrectly wired anti-skid sensors, the NTSB determined.

An-12 crashes during go around at Irkutsk, Russia

3 November 2021

An Antonov An-12 crashed in a wooded area to the east of Irkutsk Airport, Russia, killing all seven on board.

TSB Canada: better de-icing equipment and practices in remote and northern airports needed

29 October 2021

The lack of adequate de-icing equipment and the practice of taking off without de-icing led to the fatal December 2017 accident involving a West Wind Aviation ATR-42 aircraft in Canada, according to the TSB investigation report

FAA warns pilots for inadvertent go-around mode activation on B757, 767

28 October 2021

The FAA warns pilots for inadvertent go-around mode activation on B757, 767 aircraft in the wake of a fatal crash in Texas in February 2019.

Report: Take-off from closed runway highlights importance of checking NOTAMs

26 October 2021

A Swearingen Merlin IIIB twin-turboprop aircraft sustained substantial damage when attempting to take-off from a runway that had been closed for repair works, an ATSB investigation details.