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6 July 2021

Antonov An-26 crashes on approach to Palana, Russia

6 July 2021

An Antonov An-26 crashed struck a cliff on approach to Palana, Russia, killing all 28 on board.

Philippine Air Force C-130 Hercules crashes near Jolo

4 July 2021

A Philippine Air Force Lockheed C-130H Hercules crashed and caught fire near Jolo, killing at least 45.

Boeing 737-200C cargo plane ditches off Honolulu, crew rescued

2 July 2021

Transair flight 810, a Boeing 737-200C cargo plane ditched in the waters off Honolulu, Hawaii after one engine failed on departure. Both pilots were rescued.

Skydiving Cessna 208B force lands in field after engine issues, the Netherlands

25 June 2021

A Cessna 208B Supervan 900 skydiving plane force landed near Teuge Airport, the Netherlands. All 18 on board are safe.

Decision on flight prohibition over conflict zones needed sooner

24 June 2021

In a newly released report, the Dutch Safety Board concludes that it is taking too long to reach a decision to restrict or avoid the airspace above a rapidly escalating armed conflict.

Crew distraction caused TAROM ATR 72-500 takeoff attempt on runway edge

22 June 2021

Crew distraction was a factor in an incident in which a TAROM ATR 72-500 began a takeoff attempt on the runway edge, damaging lights.

Let L-410 crashes on skydiving flight in Russia, killing 4

19 June 2021

Four people died in the crash of a Let L-410 near Tanay Airfield, Russia.
The aircraft carried two pilots and 17 skydivers.

Cessna 680 landed gear-up after crew silenced cockpit alarms

9 June 2021

A Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign landed gear up at a private airport in Argentina after the pilots had silenced the alarms, according to a newly released report.

Dutch Safety Board warns return to service of aircraft from COVID-19 storage

3 June 2021

The Dutch Safety Board has issued an interim warning for airlines that put their aircraft back into service after they were temporarily taken out of service.

Cessna 501 Citation I/SP crashed into lake after takeoff from Smyrna Airport, USA

30 May 2021

A Cessna 501 Citation I/SP (N66BK) crashed into Percy Priest Lake, shortly after takeoff from Smyrna Airport, Tennessee (MQY), reportedly killing all seven on board.