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4 August 2020

FAA issues Boeing 737 MAX proposed Airworthiness Directive

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Photo: Clemens Vasters / CC:by) 4 August 2020

The FAA has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for a Boeing 737 MAX airworthiness directive (AD) (PDF) as another step to clear the grounded Boeing 737 MAX jets for flight again.

Antonov An-72 suffers runway excursion accident after landing at Gao, Mali

3 August 2020

An Antonov An-72, operating for the U.N. mission in Mali, suffered a runway excursion accident after landing at Gao, Mali.

Report: Boeing 747-400 nearly hit the ground after descending below MDA at Tokyo-Haneda Airport

1 August 2020

A Thai Boeing 747-400 descended to 282 feet during a night-time final approach to Tokyo Airport because the pilots were concentrating on the lateral flight path, not noticing their dangerous descent.

EASA publishes Annual Safety Review 2020

31 July 2020

As an overview of the safety situation in aviation in Europe, EASA published the 2020 edition of its Annual Safety Review (ASR). The ASR identifies the most important safety challenges faced in European aviation today and supports the decision making for the next edition of the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) to further improve aviation safety […]

Pilot decision-making in poor weather contributed to fatal CFIT accident in Canada

29 July 2020

TSB Canada found that pilot decision-making was a factor in a fatal controlled flight into terrain accident involving a Cessna 208B in 2019 near Mayo, Yukon.

Departure procedures misunderstanding contributed to serious loss of separation incident at Sydney Airport

28 July 2020

Likely flight crew confusion with Sydney-centric departure procedures contributed to a Boeing 777 turning right instead of left on departure from Sydney Airport, resulting in a serious airprox incident with an ATR 72 which had taken off from the parallel runway, an ATSB investigation notes.

Report: Insufficient fuel for flight resulted in forced landing of Beech 200 near Gillam, Canada

27 July 2020

TSB Canada concluded that an unnoticed fuel shortage resulted in fuel exhaustion and a subsequent forced landing of a Beechcraft B200 medevac aircraft in April 2019.

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan suffers runway excursion, hits building after landing on Mexican airstrip

26 July 2020

A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan suffered substantial damage in a runway excursion accident after landing at Holbox Airstrip, Mexico.

FAA requires additional post-storage B737 engine inspections after several in-flight shutdown incidents

24 July 2020

The U.S. FAA is requiring operators of Boeing 737 aircraft to inspect engine bleed air valves of aircraft that have been stored after several incidents of in-flight engine shutdowns.

Maintenance omission resulted in forced landing of a DHC-8 with a partially extended nose landing gear

20 July 2020

The installation of a wrong bearing in the nose landing gear shock strut caused issues on a DHC-8-300 that resulted in a forced landing with a partially extended landing gear at Stephenville, Canada.