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7 February 2018

NTSB issues final report on July 2015 IAI 1125 Astra accident when main door opened in flight

7 February 2018

The NTSB issued their final report on the investigation into the July 2015 accident when the main door of an IAI 1125 Astra corporate jet opened in flight.

Lithuanian GetJet Airlines passes IATA safety audit

6 February 2018

The Lithuanian airline GetJet Airlines passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Beechjet 400A overran into EMAS at Cleveland-Burke Lakefront Airport

5 February 2018

A Beechjet 400A overran into EMAS after landing at Cleveland-Burke Lakefront Airport.

Frontier Airbus A320 diverts to Tampa, Florida after laptop battery fire

5 February 2018

Lack of coordination contributed to a 2016 runway incursion at Calgary International Airport, Canada

5 February 2018

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that the common practice of clearing aircraft and vehicle movements across an infrequently used runway without prior coordination contributed to a runway incursion at the Calgary International Airport, Alberta, in December 2016. 

Report: Boeing 737-800 gear collapse due to fatigue of landing gear trunnion pin, India

4 February 2018

An AAIB India report showed that a Boeing 737-800 gear collapse accident at Khajuraho, India, occurred due to fatigue of the landing gear trunnion pin.

Russia limits AOC validity of Azur Air until March 20 over safety issues

File photo of an Azur Air Boeing 757 (photo Mehmet Mustafa Celik / CC:by-sa) 3 February 2018

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) limited the validity of Azur Air’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) until March 20, 2018 over safety issues.

South African CAA temporarily grounded 12 CemAir aircraft over maintenance issue

3 February 2018

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) temporarily withdrew the Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA) privileges for 12 aircraft being operated by CemAir over maintenance issues.

Report: Rapid pitch up during aborted landing causes Airbus A330 tailstrike at Taipei, Taiwan

2 February 2018

A rapid pitch up during an aborted landing caused an Airbus A330-300 tailstrike accident at Taipei Airport, Taiwan.

Undetectable subsurface defect led to uncontained engine failure on American Airlines Boeing 767

1 February 2018

The NTSB determined that an internal defect in a Boeing 767 engine caused an uncontained engine failure resulting in a fire and the emergency evacuation of all aboard.