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14 February 2017

BFU confirms An-12 burned out at Leipzig, Germany due to APU fire

14 February 2017

The German BFU confirmed in it’s investigation that an APU fire caused a fire on an An-12 cargo plane at Leipzig, Germany in 2013.

EASA extends conflict zone warning for Kenyan airspace

11 February 2017

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published a Conflict Zone Information Bulletin (CZIB), extending the validity of the Bulletin for Kenyan Airspace to August 10, 2017.

Three have died in Botswana Defence Force CASA Aviocar accident

11 February 2017

An Aviocar 300 operated by Botswana Defence Force crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all three occupants.

Cessna 208B forced landing after landing gear damage, Germany

10 February 2017

A Cessna 208B skydiving plane made forced landing after sustaining landing gear damage during a training flight in Germany.

BAe-125-800 runway excursion accident at São Paulo-Guarulhos, Brazil

10 February 2017

A BAe-125-800 suffered a runway excursion accident at São Paulo-Guarulhos, Brazil, after diverting there due to problems with the undercarriage.

Report: Panicking driver hits Airbus A320 at Abu Dhabi with a high-loader

9 February 2017

A GCAA report details how a panicking driver hit a parked Airbus A320 at Abu Dhabi with a high-loader, while passengers were disembarking.

Busy phone lines, poor coordination factors in Aeroflot A321 serious airprox incident, Venice, Italy

6 February 2017

Busy phone lines and poor coordination between two ATC centers in Italy were factors in aserious airprox incident, near Venice, Italy involving an Aeroflot Airbus A321 and two AMX jets.

Report: Bounced landing and tailstrike after unstabilized approach at Funchal, Madeira

4 February 2017

A report released by the GPIAA showed that a bounced landing and tailstrike involving a Boeing 737-800 occurred after an unstabilized approach at Funchal, Madeira.

Update: Boeing 747-400F in fatal Bishkek crash landed 900 m past runway end

3 February 2017

Preliminary information from Russian aviation authorities show that the Boeing 747-400F in the fatal Bishkek crash, landed 900 m past the runway end.

Report: Ukraine Boeing 737-900 tail tip incident due to lack of procedures

3 February 2017

A Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-900 suffered a tail tip incident at Tel Aviv when the forward cargo hold had been unloaded and all passengers in the forward cabin had deplaned, according to an Israeli report.