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18 March 2017

To prevent airprox events BFU Germany recommends all gliders to allways use a transponder

18 March 2017

The German aircraft accident investigation board, BFU, made two safety recommendations to the German government to prevent collisions and airprox events.

Basler DC-3T suffers mishap at Pickle Lake, Canada

18 March 2017

A Basler DC-3T suffered mishap at Pickle Lake, Canada, causing damage to the propeller blades.

FAA warns airlines of safety concerns regarding Weight and Balance Programs

17 March 2017

The U.S. FAA issued a Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFO), warning Part 121 Air Carriers of safety concerns and operational compliance issues regarding Weight and Balance Programs (WBP).

Transport Canada bans drone use near airports

16 March 2017

Transport Canada introduced a measure to prevent the reckless use of drones in Canada, banning the use within 9 km of any airport.

Preliminary report issued on Metro III torque issue and runway excursion, Germany

16 March 2017

The German BFU issued a preliminary report issued on a serious Metro III runway excursion incident following a torque issue.

Report: Airbus A330 touched down short of threshold at Cologne Airport, Germany

15 March 2017

A preliminary report by the German BFU showed an Airbus A330 touched down 21 m short of the runway threshold at Cologne Airport, Germany.

Finland investigates laptop fire on board aircraft at Helsinki Airport

15 March 2017

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland is investigating a laptop fire on board an A320 aircraft at Helsink Airport.

Lithium battery explosion mid-flight prompts passenger warning

14 March 2017

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) reminds passengers using battery-powered devices that take good care of their battery powered devices during flight, following a recent incident.

Report: Crew’s handling of engine issues factor in fatal Dana Air MD-83 accident, Nigeria

14 March 2017

A report by AIB Nigeria on the June 2012 crash of a Dana Air MD-83 in Lagos, Nigeria says the crew’s handling of engine issues was a major factor.

Singapore releases report of Boeing 777 engine fire accident on landing, Changi Airport

13 March 2017

The Singapore TSIB released the final report of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 that suffered an engine fire accident on landing at Changi Airport in 2016.