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21 July 2022

NTSB issues preliminary report on RED Air MD-82 accident, Miami

21 July 2022

The NTSB issued a preliminary report on the June 21 RED Air MD-82 accident at Miami. The left main gear failed after vibration following a normal landing.

NTSB: Learjet 60 overran runway after landing on wrong runway

20 July 2022

In October 2020, the crew of a Learjet 60 inadvertently landed on runway 30 instead of the longer runway 34 at Chicago Executive Airport, Illinois, USA, and the aircraft overran the runway.

Report: EMB-145 hit ground after crew continued descent without having runway in sight

15 July 2022

United Express flight 4933, an Embraer EMB-145, was attempting to land at Presque Isle Airport (PQI), Maine, USA, and impacted terrain to the right of the runway.

A320 nearly struck terrain during go around at Paris-CDG

13 July 2022

Norwegian Air Sweden flight D84311, an Airbus A320-233, nearly struck the ground on approach to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France when it descended to 6 feet above ground level during a go-around.

RED Air MD-82 runway excursion accident at Miami

22 June 2022

RED Air flight L5-203, an MD-82, suffered a gear collapse and runway excursion during landing at Miami International Airport, FL.

Report: Cause of Cessna 560 in-flight separation of engine cowlings unclear

27 May 2022

The NTSB was not able to determine the cause of the in-flight separation of the right engine cowlings on a Cessna 560, according to a newly published report.

Report: misinterpreted taxiway markings factor in attempted takeoff from taxiway, Amsterdam

25 May 2022

Misinterpreted taxiway markings and environmental cues were a factor when the crew of a Boeing 737-800 began the takeoff roll on a taxiway at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport in 2019, according to a newly released report.

AAIB: unstable approach factor in B737-400SF hard landing, Exeter

20 May 2022

AAIB concluded that a Boeing 737-400SF hard landing accident at Exeter Airport (EXT), U.K. occurred ‘as a result of the approach being continued after it became unstable after the aircraft had past the point where the crew had declared the approach stable and continued.’

Air France Boeing 777 pilots made dual control inputs during go-around, BEA says

27 April 2022

Both Air France Boeing 777 pilots made dual control inputs in a serious incident during a go-around at Paris-CDG on April 5, 2022, BEA says.

EU adds 20 Russian airlines to EU Air Safety List

12 April 2022

The EU has added 21 Russian airlines to the Air Safety List, reflecting serious safety concerns due to Russia’s forced re-registration of foreign-owned aircraft, knowingly allowing their operation without valid certificates of airworthiness.