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16 February 2021

Amelia International passes IATA safety audit

16 February 2021

Amelia International passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

FAA upgrades Costa Rica’s safety assessment rating

12 February 2021

The FAA announced that Costa Rica complies with international safety standards and has been rated Cat. 1.

Indonesia eyes autothrottle issue in Sriwijaya accident

10 February 2021

The Indonesian NTSC published their preliminary report on the accident of Sriwijaya flight SJ182
The investigation is focusing on an autothrottle issue with the no.1 throttle moving back during climbout while the no.2 throttle did not move.

Phenom 100 suffers runway excursion after landing at Paris-Le Bourget Airport, France

8 February 2021

A Phenom 100 corporate jet suffered a runway excursion after landing on runway 27 at Paris-Le Bourget Airport, France.

Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-8F suffers a tailstrike at Tokyo/Narita Airport, Japan

2 February 2021

A Boeing 747-8F of Nippon Cargo Airlines, operating KZ258 from Hong Kong to Tokyo/Narita, suffered a tailstrike on landing.

‘High-risk piloting’ caused fatal JU-52 accident, Switzerland

28 January 2021

‘High-risk piloting’ caused a loss of control after entering a valley, the STSB concluded on the 2018 Junkers Ju-52 accident in Switzerland.
A CofG beyond the rear limit was a factor.

UK CAA clears Boeing 737 MAX for return to service

28 January 2021

The UK CAA has announced on January 27 and with immediate effect that it will allow UK airlines to operate passenger flights with the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, subject to close oversight.

EASA declares Boeing 737 MAX safe to return to service in Europe

27 January 2021

EASA allows return to service of a modified version of the Boeing 737 MAX, mandating a package of software upgrades, electrical working rework, maintenance checks, operations manual updates and crew training.

Zambian Air Force Y-12 suffers runway excursion

26 January 2021

A Zambian Air Force Y-12 aircraft from Lusaka to Mukinge, skidded off the runway on landing.

Report: USAF Global Express crew shut down wrong engine after failure

24 January 2021

A USAF report revealed that the crew of a Global Express shut down wrong engine after an uncontained failure. The aircraft crashed during the emergency landing.