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8 August 2017

Final report: Temporary difficulty with aircraft control of DHC-8, Mont-Joli, Canada

8 August 2017

TSB Canada issued the final report of an investigation into a temporary difficulty with aircraft control incident of a DHC-8 near Mont-Joli, Canada.

UAE issues interim statement on Emirates flight 521 accident investigation

6 August 2017

The UAE GCAA published the first interim statement on their progress of the investigation of the Emirates Boeing 777 accident last year.

NTSB: Air Canada A320 descended to 59 feet over SFO taxiway in July 7 near miss incident

2 August 2017

The U.S. NTSB issued an investigative update on the July 7 San Francisco Airport near miss incident.

FAA AD on gust lock modification on Gulfstream G-IV jets becomes effective

2 August 2017

An FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) is becoming effective on August 3, 2017 that calls for a retrofit of the gust lock throttle interlock on specific Gulfstream G-IV, G300 and G400 jets. This AD follows a fatal accident in May 2014.

NTSB issues factual report for October 2016 Mike Pence Boeing 737-700 LaGuardia excursion

1 August 2017

The NTSB issued their factual report for the October 2016 Boeing 737-700 runway excursion at New York-LaGuardia Airport.

Final report: Antonov 26 lands short of runway in snow with visibility below minima, Russia

1 August 2017

The Russian MAK issued their final report on the October 2016 accident in which an Antonov 26 landed short of a runway in snow with visibility below minima.

Lithium battery pack overheated, emitted smoke on SriLankan Airlines Airbus A330

31 July 2017

A lithium battery pack in a passenger’s carry-on bag overheated and began emitting smoke on a SriLankan Airlines Airbus A330 between Kochi and Colombo.

Accident: An-74 cargo plane runway excursion, São Tomé Island Airport

29 July 2017

A Cavok Air An-74 cargo plane suffered a runway excursion during takeoff from São Tomé Island Airport.

Accident: Air Creebec DHC-8-106 hit by lightning en route to Val-d’Or, Canada

29 July 2017

TSB Canada reported that on July 20 an Air Creebec DHC-8-106 was hit by lightning en route to Val-d’Or, Canada.

Report: Airbus A321 low fuel emergency, Menorca Airport, Spain (Sept. 2015)

28 July 2017

The CIAIAC Spain issued a report on the September 2015 incident involving a low fuel emergency of an Airbus A321 near Menorca Airport, Spain.