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27 January 2022

Report: Loss of control when entering IMC caused a fatal flight calibration Citation crash

27 January 2022

A South African Cessna 550 Citation flight calibration aircraft crashed in January 2020 after the pilot lost control after entering clouds during visual flight.

JetBlue A320 suffers tailstrike on takeoff from Hayden to avoid oncoming Beech 350 on final approach

26 January 2022

JetBlue flight 1748, an Airbus A320, suffered a tailstrike on takeoff from Hayden Airport, Colorado on January 22, while maneuvering to avoid an oncoming Beech 350 on final approach.

Spoiler issue eyed in fatal Dominican Gulfstream G-IV crash

18 January 2022

Preliminary investigation results suggest the Dominican Gulfstream G-IVSP that crashed in December 2021, departed with spoilers extended on the right-hand wing.
Maintenance work had been accomplished on these spoilers just prior to the flight.

Sky Airline Peru passes IATA safety audit

17 January 2022

Sky Airline Peru passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Report: A320 copilot made rolling takeff on wrong runway at Sharjah

10 January 2022

A copilot in training inadvertently steered an A320 onto the wrong runway during a rolling takeoff at Sharjah Airport, according to a newly released report.

Fire erupted on board Tu-204 at Hangzhou Airport

8 January 2022

A Tupolev Tu-204-100C cargo plane suffered an on board fire while preparing for departure from Hangzhou Airport (HGH), China.

Report: Pilot induced oscillations caused B777 tailstrike on landing

2 January 2022

Pilot induced oscillations caused a Boeing 777-300ER to suffer a tailstrike on landing at Hong Kong, according to a newly released report.

Malu Aviation Shorts 360 crashes in D.R. Congo

23 December 2021

A Malu Aviation Shorts 360 crashed in D.R. Congo, killing all five on board.

TSB concerned about safety when runways are under construction

15 December 2021

TSB Canada concluded an investigation into a series of 18 occurrences on runways under construction at certain airports in Quebec and Nunavuti. The TSB is concerned about the way runway closures are communicated by NAV CANADA and by the adequacy of regulatory surveillance of airports undergoing construction activities.

Report: CG beyond rear limit causes controllability issues on Metroliner

9 December 2021

A Swearingen Metro freighter aircraft’s pilot had to use forward pressure on the control column to maintain level flight after ground handlers estimated the weight of freight that was relocated into the aircraft’s nose by feel. This resulted in the aircraft’s centre of gravity falling outside of the rear limit.