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11 March 2018

Finland issues report on lithium laptop battery fire on Airbus A320 at Helsinki

11 March 2018

AIB Finland issued a detailed final report on a lithium ion laptop battery fire incident which happened during disembarkation from an Airbus A320 at Helsinki Airport.

Challenger 604 corporate jet involved in accident in mountainous terrain in Iran; 11 occupants

11 March 2018

A Challenger 604 corporate jet was involved in an accident in mountainous terrain near Shahr-e Kurd, Iran, while on a flight from Sharjah to Istanbul with 11 occupants.

Final report: Stick shaker activates 3 times as Saab 340 enters icing conditions near Scotland

11 March 2018

The AAIB published their summary report on a serious incident in which a Saab 340’s stick shaker activated 3 times as it entered icing conditions near Scotland.

Final report: Crew in Let L-410 incident at Isle of Man landed at 40 kt crosswind component

9 March 2018

An AAIB report showed that the crew in a Let L-410 incident at Isle of Man, February 2017, landed at a crosswind component of 40 kt, twice the certification value.

NTSB: CRJ-700 uncontained engine failure incident due to a fatigue crack in an area of corrosion

8 March 2018

The NTSB published their report on a November 2016 CRJ-700 uncontained engine failure incident, which occurred due to a fatigue crack in an area of corrosion in HPT2.

IATA releases 2017 airline safety performance

8 March 2018

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for the 2017 safety performance of the commercial airline industry showing continued strong improvements in safety.

Final report: Airprox incident when Beech King Air entered Boeing 757 approach path near Tel Aviv, Israel

7 March 2018

AIAI Israel released their investigation report into the recent airprox incident when a Beech King Air entered the approach path of a Boeing 757 near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Report: Airport closure, runway incursion cause Boeing 737 low fuel emergency landing at Malaga

7 March 2018

CIAIAC Spain published their final report on an incident in December 2016 when an airport closure at Sevilla and a runway incursion at Malaga, Spain, caused a Boeing 737-800 low fuel emergency landing.

Russian Air Force Antonov An-26 crashes near Khmeimim Air Base, Syria, killing all 39 on board

6 March 2018

A Russian Air Force Antonov An-26 crashed on approach to Khmeimim Air Base, Syria, killing all 39 on board.

Final report: Engine seizure and smoke on ATR 72 after takeoff from Bornholm, Denmark

5 March 2018

AIB Denmark published their final report of an engine seizure and smoke on an ATR 72 after takeoff from Bornholm, Denmark.