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6 November 2019

ATSB recommends mandating PW4170 engine modification after incident

6 November 2019

The ATSB issued recommendations to the FAA and Pratt & Whitney to mandate a modification that would prevent a component failure of the PW4170 series engine which powers some Airbus A330 airliners.

Report: Airbus A330 almost departs with damage after ground collision at Paris-CDG Airport

2 November 2019

An Air France Airbus A330-200 almost departed with damage after a ground collision at Paris-CDG Airport, France, according to a new BEA report.

Overheating wheelchair battery causes fire warning on El Al Boeing 737-900

El Al Boeing 737-900ER 4X-EHE (photo: Oyoyoy / CC:by-sa) 2 November 2019

An overheating wheelchair battery during taxi caused a cargo hold fire warning on an El Al Boeing 737-900.

Canada issues Emergency AD to limit Airbus A220 engine power settings after recent incidents

28 October 2019

Regulator Transport Canada issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) to limit certain engine power settings on Airbus A220 aircraft following three recent failures.

Qeshm Air passes IATA safety audit

A Qeshm Air Airbus A300B4-600R (photo: Dmitry Terekhov / CC:by-sa) 28 October 2019

Iranian Airline Qeshm Air passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)

A Let L-410UVP crashed in South Sudan on a flight from Juba to Bor

27 October 2019

A Let L-410UVP (YI-BYO) crashed in South Sudan on a flight from Juba to Bor. All occupants survived.

FAA revokes certificate of maintenance firm that delivered faulty 737 MAX AOA sensor to Lion Air

27 October 2019

The FAA issued an order on October 25, 2019, revoking the repair station certificate of Xtra Aerospace, LLC.

Indonesia published final report on the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX JT610 accident

25 October 2019

Indonesia published their final report on the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX JT610 accident.

FAA issues emergency AD on GE90-115B turbofan engines following uncontained failure incident

A GE90-115B engine (photo: Steff / CC:by-sa) 24 October 2019

The FAA issued an emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD), ordering the removal of a seal from certain General Electric GE90-115B turbofan engines.

Uncoordinated asymmetric braking causes CSeries 300 temporary runway excursion at Riga, Latvia

23 October 2019

A Latvian investigation report on a June 2018 runway excursion at Riga, Latvia said it was caused by uncoordinated asymmetric braking after a stressfull third approach.