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FSF Highlights Persistent Risks in Analysis of 2021 Accident Data
22 February 2022

Runway excursions, loss of control‒in flight and controlled flight into terrain accounted for nearly 30 percent of all airliner accidents in 2021, according to Flight Safety Foundation’s 2021 Safety Report. The report, released today, is based on an analysis of preliminary accident data and information contained in the Foundation’s Aviation Safety Network (ASN) database.

Commercial passenger and cargo operations involving aircraft certified to carry at least 14 passengers had 44 accidents in 2021, of which 11 were fatal accidents that resulted in 123 fatalities among passengers and crew, plus one person killed on the ground. Noncommercial operations, such as training, surveying and ferry flights using the same types of aircraft, recorded 26 accidents last year. Nine of those accidents were fatal, resulting in 50 fatalities. Corporate jets were involved in 28 accidents last year. Nine of the accidents were fatal, resulting in 36 fatalities among passengers and crew.

“Loss of control and runway safety‒related events continue to be high-occurrence risk areas that demand attention,” said Foundation President and CEO Dr. Hassan Shahidi. “We urge aviation stakeholders to redouble their efforts to proactively mitigate these and other risks, especially as the aviation sector in regions around the world begins to recover after more than two years of reduced operations.”

In addition, the Foundation’s ongoing assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on global aviation identified a unique set of challenges for the industry, including changes to the operating environment and regulatory exemptions related to pilot proficiency checks and recency, license renewal and medical certificates, among others. “It is essential that these changes are identified and managed by operators through their safety management systems and by regulatory authorities through state safety programs,” Shahidi said.

The Foundation’s 2021 Safety Report can be downloaded here.

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