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Dutch Safety Board warns return to service of aircraft from COVID-19 storage
3 June 2021

The Dutch Safety Board has issued an interim warning for airlines that put their aircraft back into service after they were temporarily taken out of service.

The Board is currently investigating two incidents in which commercial aircraft experienced problems with the speed and altitude indications immediately after take-off. Both aircraft had been out of service for some time prior to the incident because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On October 3, 2020 a TUIfly Boeing 737-800, returned to Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport following an airspeed anomaly.
On April 24, 2021, a Transavia Boeing 737-700 diverted to Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport when the flight crew noticed a discrepancy in the altitude and airspeed data after takeoff from Rotterdam Airport.

In one of these incidents, a protective cover was not removed, in the other incident, some pipes were not correctly connected. In both cases, this led to pilots being presented with incorrect altitude and speed information.

With the warning, the Dutch Safety Board wants to alert airlines to the safety risks that can arise when aircraft are put back into service after a period on the ground. The expectation is that this will happen frequently in the coming months due to the relaxation of the COVID-19 measures.