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FAA extends conflict zone warning on Syrian airspace
28 November 2020
Damascus FIR (Syrian airspace)

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration extended the Conflict Zone warning on Syrian airspace for three years until December 30, 2023.

It remains prohibited to conduct flight operations in the Damascus (OSTT) FIR by all U.S. air carriers.

Explaining the extension, the FAA noted some recent events, among others:

  • In late February 2020, Syrian air defense activities forced a commercial Cham Wings Airbus A320 passenger flight on final approach to Damascus International Airport to divert to an alternate airfield in Syria. The lack of de-confliction of Syrian air defense activity with civil air traffic is just one of the risks to U.S. civil aviation operations in the Damascus FIR (OSTT) emanating from third-party involvement in Syria.
  • In March 2020, Russian, Turkish and Syrian forces clashed in Idlib Province. During these clashes, fighter aircraft and possible SAMs shot down several manned and unmanned aircraft.

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