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Kazakhstan extends suspension of Bek Air’s AOC over safety issues
23 January 2020

The Kazakhstan Aviation Administration extended the suspension of Bek Air’s Air Operator Certificate after it found several safety issues during an inspection at the airline following a fatal accident.

On December 27, 2019, a Fokker 100 of Bek Air crashed on takeoff from Almaty Airport, killing twelve. The aviation authorities proceeded to suspend the carrier’s AOC after this accident and initiated an inspection.

The authorities reported details of their findings, that led them to extend the suspension. Among others, the authorities noted issues with the tracking and record keeping of parts. For instance, serial numbers were removed from engines, making it impossible to verify the compliance of the engines, as well as to confirm the actual number of hours and cycles.
Also, flight crew training records were found to be incomplete and in some cases their authenticity was called into question.
With regards to the recent accident, the authorities state that CCTV evidence shows that no tactile inspection of the wings was carried out prior to departure.  This is a necessary check to determine the presence of ice on the wings.

If the violations are not remedied within 6 months, the AOC and the airworthiness certificates will be revoked.

The airline, in turn, issued a statement, responding to all issues raised by the authorities. For example, Bek Air states that id plates were removed that were “weakly attached” to important and expensive units (usually engines) and stored in the office of the aviation engineering team.