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FAA proposes to revoke Executive Air Express’ Air Carrier Certificate
13 December 2019

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposed to revoke the air carrier certificate of Executive Air Express of Nashville, Tenn., USA, for allegedly using unauthorized aircraft in 30 passenger-carrying flights.

The FAA alleges that between Jan. 31, 2016, and Sept. 29, 2017, Executive conducted a total of 28 flights with paying passengers using a Learjet 35A corporate jet that was not on the company’s FAA-issued Operations Specifications (Ops Specs). Air carriers can only conduct for-hire flights using aircraft that are on their Ops Specs.

Between Jan. 31, 2016 and Oct. 24, 2016, Executive conducted 12 flights with the Learjet, the FAA alleges. On Oct. 24, 2016, the company requested that the FAA add the aircraft to its Ops Specs. Then, between Oct. 24, 2016 and May 3, 2017, Executive conducted an additional 15 flights using the Learjet, the FAA alleges.

On May 3, 2017, the FAA denied Executive’s request to add the Learjet to its Ops Specs, citing 49 discrepancies the company needed to address before the FAA could resume its inspection of the aircraft. On Sept. 29, 2017, Executive conducted another for-hire flight with the Learjet, the FAA alleges. The FAA also alleges Executive failed to conduct the required 25 hours of proving tests before using the Learjet in for-hire operations.

Additionally, the FAA alleges Executive conducted two for-hire flights on May 2, 2018, using a Swearingen SA226-T Merlin III that was not listed in its Ops Specs.

Executive’s operation of the Learjet and Swearingen was careless or reckless and endangered lives and property, the FAA alleges.

Executive has 15 days after receiving the FAA’s proposed revocation letter to respond to the agency.