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Two Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 returned to Izmir, Turkey, after being hit by lightning
13 January 2019

On January 11, 2019, two Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft were hit by lightning after departure from Izmir-Adnan Menderes Airport, Turkey.

Flight PC3020, TC-CPB, took off at 17:05 UTC and landed safely back at 17:40 UTC after having been struck by lightning. The aircraft The incident aircraft, TC-CPB, was still on the ground at Izmir, 2 days after the incident.
About 18:50 UTC, another Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800, flight PC3170 (TC-AHP), also returned to land after a lightning strike. This aircraft was back in service 25 hours later.

Weather about the time of the incident:
LTBJ 111650Z 35006KT 9999 -TSRA FEW015CB SCT030CB BKN100 11/09 Q1014 BECMG 18012KT RMK RWY16 VRB06KT
LTBJ 111750Z VRB03KT 8000 TSRA SCT015CB SCT025 BKN090 09/08 Q1015 BECMG -TSRA
LTBJ 111850Z 03009KT 360V070 7000 +TSRA SCT015CB BKN025 09/08 Q1014 BECMG 18012KT -TSRA RMK RWY16 07007KT 040V100
LTBJ 111950Z VRB02KT 7000 +TSRA SCT015CB BKN025 09/08 Q1015 BECMG -TSRA

Pegasus Airlines flight PC3020

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