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Microburst factor in Aeroméxico Embraer ERJ-190 takeoff accident at Durango, Mexico
6 September 2018

Investigators issued a preliminary report on the Aeroméxico Embraer ERJ-190 takeoff accident at Durango, Mexico, stating a microburst (windshear) event was a factor.

On July 31, 2018, Aeroméxico Flight AM2431 operated by an Aeroméxico Connect Embraer ERJ-190 impacted airport terrain shortly after commencing takeoff from runway 03 at Guadalupe Victoria International Airport (MMDO), Durango, and a post-impact fire ensued. All 105 occupants survived.

The investigators issued a preliminary report on September 5, stating the flight encountered a microburst (windshear) phenomenon with descending and rapidly changing wind. In more detail the flight data recorder shows that the aircraft commenced the takeoff roll on runway 03 at 15:22 hours local time. During the takeoff roll there were notable variations in airspeed and wind direction. At 15:22:42 hours, the aircraft was accelerating through an airspeed of 146 knots. Wind at that time was 47 degrees (from the right-hand side) at 33 knots. Eight seconds later the aircraft had rotated and was climbing through 8 feet radio altitude at an airspeed of 145 knots. By that time the wind had shifted to a crosswind: 103 degrees at 11 knots. The aircraft reached a highest altitude of about 30 feet. At 15:22:56 hours, the aircraft had descended to 19 feet and was caught in a 22-knot tailwind of 30 degrees. The aircraft then hit the ground to the left of the runway.

The investigation is ongoing. The final results will be published in November 2018.

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