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Kathmandu Post: captain in fatal Dash 8 accident showed stressed and erratic behaviour on flight
27 August 2018

The captain of the US-Bangla Dash 8 that crashed at Kathmandu, Nepal in March, showed stressed and erratic behaviour, according to a report.

US-Bangla Airlines flight 211 crashed while attempting to land at Kathmandu Airport, following a flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The initial approach to runway 02 was aborted and the aircraft maneuvered for an approach to runway 20.  The aircraft touched down at about 1700 meters past the threshold and to the left of the centerline of runway 20. The aircraft then ran off the left side of the runway, went through the inner perimeter fence of the airport area, moved down along a rough down slope and finally stopped at about 442 meters southeast from its initial touchdown point. A fire erupted. Fifty-one of the 71 occupants were killed.

The Kathmandu Post published a story on August 27, 2018, purportedly based on a draft of the final accident investigation report. The newspaper states that the captain of the flight was going through tremendous personal mental stress and anxiety. He showed erratic behaviour and seemed to be fatigued and tired due to lack of sleep. During the flight he was crying on several occasions. During the final approach, he lit a cigarette and continued non-pertinent conversation with the first officer.


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