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JU-Air will resume Ju-52 flights on 17 August with government-mandated safety measures in place
16 August 2018

Swiss operator JU-Air stated that it would resume flights using their historic Junkers Ju-52/3m aircraft starting August 17, 2018.

Operations had been voluntarily suspended after the fatal accident on August 4 in which all 20 occupants were killed. The Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) allows operations to be conducted since the investigation by the STSB has not yet brought to light any technical problems with the accident aircraft.

However, JU-Air first has to comply with the precautionary measures of the FOCA to commence flight operations. First, the FOCA requires that, for the time being, a minimum altitude above the legal minimum altitude be maintained. Secondly, JU-Air’s aircraft now have to carry a GPS data recorder that records every flight and allows subsequent assessment of the route. Third, the passengers should also remain strapped during the flight and not be able to circulate freely in the aircraft. This also applies to visits to the cockpit during the flight.

These precautionary measures must be implemented by JU-Air before commencing flight operations. JU-Air has already assured the FOCA that it will implement these requirements accordingly.