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Flight recorders and wreckage recovered of 2017 Learjet crash off Venezuela
12 August 2018

Authorities in Venezuela reported that flight recorders were recovered from the seabed, almost a year after the crash of a Learjet 25.

A Learjet 25 corporate jet impacted the waters off the coast of Naiguatá, Venezuela on 19 August 2017. All five on board were killed. It lasted until August 2018 before parts of the wreckage were recovered from the seabed. Authorities also reported that both flight recorders were recovered.

The ASN Safety Database has just four known cases in which it took over a year before flight recorders were recovered. The longest known period is over 11 years, when the Flight Data Recorder of Itavia flight 870 was retrieved from the seabed of the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1991.