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Nippon Cargo disciplined for maintenance irregularities
22 July 2018

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism faulted Nippon Cargo Airlines for inadequate aircraft maintenance, according to a statement made by the ministry.

The Japan News reports that disciplinary action was taken against Nippon Cargo Airlines for its inadequate aircraft maintenance and failure to report accidents, as well as the manipulation of maintenance records. The airline is said to have tried to cover up the violations.

Eight maintenance staff members are said to have been involved in three cases of data falsification. In one of them, a maintenance manager and a mechanic manipulated an airplane’s lubricating oil level to avoid a mandatory checkup at Narita International Airport in April 2018. Between August 2013 and May 2018, there also were inadequate maintenance cases including the testing of aircraft control functions by an unqualified worker.

As a result, the ministry stripped the company of its exemption from annual safety inspections.