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TSB Canada factual update on Fond-du-Lac ATR 42 accident: aircraft had ice contamination on takeoff
23 April 2018

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released a factual update on its investigation (A17C0146) into the fatal ATR 42 aircraft accident that occurred in Fond-du-Lac, Canada, on 13 December 2017.

The updates details the following sequence of events:

  • On 13 December 2017, an ATR 42-320 aircraft operated by West Wind Aviation arrived at Fond-du-Lac Airport at 17:25 central standard time.
  • During the descent, the aircraft encountered icing conditions and the anti-icing and de-icing systems were activated. When the de-icing and anti-icing systems were turned off, residual ice remained on portions of the aircraft.
  • The aircraft stayed at the Fond-du-Lac Airport to board new passengers and cargo.
  • The operator, West Wind Aviation, had some de-icing equipment in the terminal building at the airport. The de-icing equipment that was available to WestWind Aviation in Fond-du-Lac consisted of two ladders, a hand-held spray bottle with electric blanket and wand, and a container of de-icing fluid. However, the aircraft was not de-iced before takeoff, and the takeoff was commenced with ice contamination on the aircraft.
  • The aircraft departed Fond-du-Lac Airport at 18:11 for Stony Rapids.
  • At 18:12, shortly after takeoff, the aircraft collided with trees and terrain less than a mile west of the end of Runway 28.

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