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ANSV Italy reports 46 drone incidents over 2017
22 April 2018

The Italian accident investigation board ANSV published it’s Annual Report over 2017, drawing attention to 46 drone incidents over the past year in Italy.

ANSV notes that it continued to monitor interferences recorded in the Italian airspace between unmanned aircraft and manned aircraft. The number of incidents (46) is in line with that of the previous year (51).
Of the 46 incidents reported last year, 42 were conflicts with manned aircraft. Four incidents pertained to single drone operations, for example a bird strike to a tethered drone, and drones observed near airports by ground personnel.
The examination of the airprox reports received by ANSV also shows that a common factor is non-compliance with the national legislation in force. Drones are often operated in areas that are prohibited, e.g. close to airports.

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