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FAA to publish AD to require CFM56-7B engine inspections after uncontained failure on Southwest 1380
19 April 2018

The FAA issued a statement, saying it is planning an AD to be published in the wake of the Southwest Boeing 737 uncontained engine failure accident on April 17.

The Boeing 737-700, powered by CFM56-7B engines, diverted to Philadelphia when the no.1 engine suffered an uncontained failure while climbing through FL325. One passenger sustained fatal injuries after debris broke a window.

The NTSB stated that fan blade no.13 was missing and that it had separated at the hub. Preliminary investigation results show there was evidence of metal fatigue in the area where the blade broke.

This prompted the FAA to issue the following statement:

“The FAA will issue an Airworthiness Directive (AD) within the next two weeks that will require inspections of certain CFM56-7B engines. The directive will require an ultrasonic inspection of fan blades when they reach a certain number of takeoffs and landings. Any blades that fail the inspection will have to be replaced.”