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Twelve years ago today the European Commission adopted the first list of airlines, banned in the EU
22 March 2018

Twelve years ago today the European Commission adopted the first EU list of airlines which are banned in the European Union.

Plans were drawn for an EU initiative in August 2005. At the time several European countries, like the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland had started their own blacklists. Britain was the first to publish a list, in January 2004. This action was taken in the wake of an accident involving a Flash Airlines Boeing 737-300 charter flight in Egypt that killed all aboard, including 133 French holidaymakers. Although the carrier had already been banned in Switzerland, the ban had not been publicized.

The first EU-‘blacklist’,  published on 22 March 2005, contained 92 airlines facing a complete ban and 3 facing operational restrictions.
Over the course of the last twelve years, 29 updates were published, covering a total of over 
650 airlines.

The current list contains a total of 178 airlines that are banned from EU skies. An additional six airlines are subject to operational restrictions and can only fly to the EU with specific aircraft types.

Of these 184 airlines, 7 have passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA): Air Koryo, Air Manas, Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Nova Airways, TAAG Angola Airlines, and Wings Air.

Longest & shortest

A total of twenty airlines have been on the list since the first edition. Buraq Air from Libya, on the other hand, was removed from the first edition after 90 days.