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EASA issues emergency AD on certain PW1000G powered Airbus A320neo and A321 neo aircraft
11 February 2018

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)  issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive with an operational limitation on certain Airbus A320neo and A321 neo aircraft fitted with PW1000G engines.

EASA states that several occurrences of engine in-flight shut-down (IFSD) and Rejected Take-Off (RTO) have been reported on certain Airbus A320neo family aeroplanes. While investigation is ongoing to determine the root cause, preliminary findings indicate that the affected engines, which have high pressure compressor aft hub modification embodied from ESN P770450, are more susceptible to IFSD.

In line with an Airbus alert to operators, AD 2018-0041-E requires the following operational restrictions:

  1. Within 3 flight cycles (FC) from the effective date of this AD, do not operate an aeroplane having two affected engines installed.
  2. Within 1 FC from the effective date of this AD, for an aeroplane having at least one affected engine(s) installed, ETOPS operations are not allowed.
  3. Inserting a copy of this AD in the ETOPS Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures (CMP) of concerned aeroplane models and, thereafter, operating that aeroplane on ETOPS accordingly, is acceptable to comply with paragraph (2) of this AD.

The AD is considered to be an interim action and further AD action may follow.


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