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New powers for U.K. police to address illegal and unsafe use of drones
26 November 2017

Police in the United Kingdom are set to be given powers to prevent the unsafe or criminal use of drones as part of a new package of legislation. 

The draft Drone Bill will give officers the right to order operators to ground drones where necessary. Officers will also be able to seize drone parts to prove it has been used to commit an offence.

New measures will also make it mandatory for drone owners to register to improve accountability. And drone operators will be required to use apps – so they can access the information needed to make sure any planned flight can be made safely and legally. The U.K. government will publish the draft Drone Bill for consultation and introduce secondary legislation amendments in spring 2018. Changes to the Air Navigation Order will mean that that mean:

  • drone users will have to sit safety awareness tests
  • users of drones weighing 250 grams and over will in future have to be registered

The government is also working closely with drone manufacturers to use geo-fencing to prevent drones from entering restricted zones.

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