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UK Airprox Board reports on four serious incidents involving drones
14 November 2017

The UK Airprox Board detailed 16 airprox recent incidents involving aircraft and drones, four of those were considered serious.

These four incidents are classified Category A (a serious risk of collision existed):

24 July 2017
The pilot of a Boeing 757 reported descending towards Bristol Airport at 4800ft, when he saw an object with distinctive drone shape, with dark coloured arms and a suspended load, possibly a camera along with a red lateral light and a central white light.

26 July 2017
A Boeing 787 pilot reported they were on final approach to Heathrow runway 27L, when a drone was sighted just below and to the right of the aircraft. The Drone passed below and to the right
at a reported separation of 50ft Verical/20m Horizontal.

31 July 2017
A Boeing 777 pilot reported conducting an ILS approach to Gatwick runway 26L when a large silver or white drone was seen to pass abeam, down the right side of the aircraft. Reported Separation: 0ft Vertical /30m Horizontal

22 August 2017
The Saab 2000 pilot reported that the aircraft was being configured for final approach into Manchester runway 23R. Passing approximately 1500ft in the descent a drone was seen to pass the nose of the aircraft and down the right hand side. It was estimated to be within 50ft of the aircraft, white/silver in colour and estimated to be up to 2ft across in size.

These and over 3700 other drone sightings and airprox incidents are covered in the ASN Drone Database.


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