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Four Antonov An-2 accidents in Russia and Venezuela in four days
6 September 2017

Over a period of four days, four Antonov An-2 aircraft were involved in accidents in Russia and Venezuela.

On September 2, an An-2T impacted the ground during a display flight at an airshow at Chornoye Airport, killing both pilots.

Also, on September 2, an Antonov TR-301 (An-2 mono-plane and turbine conversion) force landed near the village of Turinskaya Sloboda.

On September 4, an aircraft operated by Aéreo Transporte La Montaña flipped over when landing at La Paragua Airport. Damage was substantial, but there were no fatalities.

On September 5, an aircraft of an unknown operator crashed at Playa Linda in Bolivar State, Venezuela, killing a passenger.