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U.K. Airprox Board releases details on 13 drone near-miss incidents
3 September 2017

The U.K. Airprox Board in it’s monthly report released details on thirteen drone near-miss incidents in the United Kingdom, two being rated ‘risk of collision’.

The events that were judged to be a risk of collision were:

15 June 2017
The air traffic controller at Farnborough Airport reported that an inbound Dassault Falcon 900 jet reported a drone on 3.5 mile final. He reported passing it at 1300ft and it was about 100ft
to the right of the plane. The aircraft continued the approach and landed safely. On landing the crew described the drone as about 40cm in diameter and gold coloured.

15 June 2017
The pilot of a British Airways Airbus A320 reported approaching Gatwick on the RW26L ILS in good visibility with the sun setting. The First Officer, who was Pilot Monitoring saw an object in his peripheral vision, just above and to the right of the aircraft. He initially thought it was another aircraft but looked out of the side window to see a flat black object pass just down the right side of the aircraft, very slightly above their level. It appeared to pass close to the wingtip and noticeably increased in apparent size as separation reduced. The First Officer informed the Captain he had just seen a drone and also informed ATC. The drone passed at a separation of 50 ft vertical, 50 m horizontal.


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