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UAE issues interim statement on Emirates flight 521 accident investigation
6 August 2017

The UAE GCAA published the first interim statement on their progress of the investigation of the Emirates Boeing 777 accident last year.

On August 3, 2016, Emirates Airlines flight EK521, a Boeing 777-300, impacted the runway during an attempted go-around at Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates. All 300 on board survived the accident. One fire fighter was killed during the ARFF operations.

The investigators published a preliminary report after 35 days and now issued a short statement on the progress of the investigation. Regarding the operation of the flight the investigation is working to determine and analyze the human performance factors that influenced flight crew actions during the landing and attempted go-around.
In addition, the investigation has reviewed and has identified safety enhancements related to the validity of weather information that was passed to the flight crew, and communication between air traffic control and the flight crew.
A detailed examination was performed of the aircraft evacuation systems, including the operation of emergency escape slides in a non-normal aircraft resting position, and the effects of wind on the escape slides.
A large number of aircraft systems were tested with the assistance of the manufacturers and analysis of the data downloaded indicates that there were no aircraft systems or engine abnormalities up to the time of the accident.

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