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UK Airprox Board: Saab 340 missed a drone by just 5 meters near Edinburgh
25 July 2017

The U.K. Airprox Board detailed an incident in which a Saab 340 aircraft missed a drone by just 5 meters as it was descending towards Edinburgh Airport, U.K. on May 19, 2017.

Loganair flight BE6994, a Saab 340B (G-LGNE) was getting vectors from Edinburgh radar to intercept the ILS LOC RW06 at Edinburgh. When starting a turn to intercept the localizer all three crew members on the flight deck saw a dark coloured drone pass down the right-hand side of the aircraft. It was perfectly level with them and passed only just beyond the wing-tip, approx 15m from the flight deck and 5m from the wing-tip. It was so close and happened so fast that avoiding action was not possible.

The Airprox Board determined:
Cause: The drone was being flown beyond VLOS and in the vicinity of an airfield approach path such that it was endangering other aircraft at that location and altitude. The Board agreed that the incident was therefore best described as the drone was flown into conflict with the SF340.
Risk: The Board considered that the pilot’s estimate of separation, allied to his overall account of the incident and his inability to avoid the object portrayed a situation where providence had played a major part in the incident and/or a definite risk of collision had existed.

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