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FAA extends warning for unannounced North Korean missile tests in Pyongyang FIR
27 May 2017
Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) with 132° boundary

Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) with 132° boundary

The U.S. FAA has extended by a year (until 27 May 2018) their advise to U.S. airlines to exercise caution when flying in the eastern part of North Korean airspace due to possible missile test launches. 

North Korea continues to conduct unannounced launches of short range and intermediate-range ballistic missiles that have the ability to travel beyond 132 degrees east longitude.

For this reason the FAA had already prohibited operations of U.S. aircraft from flying in the Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) west of 132 degrees east longitude. U.S. operators are advised to use caution when planning for and operating in and around the Pyongyang FIR east of 132 degrees east longitude.

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