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Air Canada sues Airbus for negligence in 2015 Halifax crash
3 April 2017

Air Canada is suing manufacturer Airbus for negligence in the 2015 accident involving an Airbus A320 at Halifax Airport, Canada.

On March 29, 2015, Air Canada flight 624,  severed powerlines and hit an antenna array short of the runway at Halifax Airport, while landing during snowfall. The aircraft, an Airbus A320, slid onto the runway and sustained substantial damage. 23 occupants were injured.

Air Canada now says  Airbus failed to identify shortcomings of the Airbus A320, in a statement of claim filed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

The Globe and Mail reports that the claim stated that Airbus “failed to provide adequate and/or accurate information as to how pilots should correct a deviation in the flight path in circumstances where manual intervention was required”.

The airline claims that the aircraft was correctly configured for approach and landing and the approach was stable. The aircraft should have intercepted the threshold to runway 05 at an altitude of 50 feet but instead, it descended at a steeper angle than expected and touched down short of the runway, according to Air Canada.

The investigation by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) into the cause of the accident is still ongoing.

In December 2016 both Air Canada and Airbus were parties in a class action lawsuit for their role in the accident, along with the Halifax International Airport Authority and NavCanada.

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