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List of hijacked aircraft at Malta
23 December 2016

The ASN Safety Database shows that there have been seven hijackings related to Malta. Five aircraft diverted to Malta after being hijacked. Two other flights were hijacked after departure from Malta’s Luqa Airport.

Date Aircraft type Airline Flight Departure Destination
25 Nov. 1973 Boeing 747-206B  KLM  KL861 Beirut Airport Delhi Airport
16 Oct 1979 Fokker F-27  Libyan Arab Airlines Hon Airport Tripoli Airport
20 Feb. 1983 Boeing 727-2L5  Libyan Arab Airlines  LN484 Sebha Airport Benghazi Airport
24 Nov. 1985 Boeing 737-266  EgyptAir  MS648 Athens Airport Cairo Airport
17 Oct. 1996 [1] Tupolev 154  Aeroflot  SU417 Malta-Luqa Airport Lagos Airport
9 June 1997 [1] Boeing 737-2Y5  Air Malta  KM830 Malta-Luqa Airport Istanbul-Atatürk Airport
23 Dec. 2016 Airbus A320-214  Afriqiyah Airways  8U209 Sebha Airport Tripoli Airport

[1] Aircraft that were hijacked after departure from Malta.


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