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Transport Canada sued in law suit over Air Canada A320 crash
14 December 2016
Air Canada 624 as it came to rest (TSB)

Air Canada 624 as it came to rest (TSB)

The Canadian aviation regulator, Transport Canada, is one of the parties being sued in a class action law suit over the accident of Air Canada flight 624 at Halifax in 2015.

The accident occurred when the Airbus A320 hit powerlines and an antenna array as it attempted to land at Halifax International Airport, Canada during a period of snow fall and limited visibility. The aircraft was conducting a Localizer (LOC-Z) approach to runway 05 at the time. Twenty-three occupants were injured.

The lawsuit alleges that Transport Canada breached its duty of care by inadequately monitoring the airport’s compliance with safety requirements and by choosing not to install an ILS for runway 05.

Federal lawyers challenged Transport Canada’s responsibility in court, arguing that the regulator could not be sued because it did not owe a duty of care to the passengers. Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Denise Boudreau decided that even though Transport Canada did not owe a duty of care to the flying public, it had to be included in the lawsuit because as landlord for the airport, it could be held responsible for its navigation systems and other equipment.
Other defendants in the case include Air Canada, the Halifax International Airport Authority, NavCanada and Airbus.

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