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Report: Serious runway excursion incident of Metro 23, Portland, Australia
22 March 2016
VH-UUB as it came to rest (via ATSB)

VH-UUB as it came to rest (via ATSB)

The ATSB published their findings regarding a serious incident runway excursion incident involving a Metro 23, blaming a failure of a main gear torque link.

On 20 February 2014 at 1425 AEDT, a Swearingen Metro 23 aircraft, registered VH-UUB, was being operated on a charter flight from Avalon to Portland, Australia with 10 passengers and two crew on board. Shortly after touch-down the torque link on the left, main landing gear (MLG) failed. The aircraft veered left as a result, and came to rest beside the runway. There were no injuries as a result of the occurrence.

The runway excursion resulted from failure of the lower torque link attachment lug on the left main landing gear’s yoke. This allowed the wheels to rotate through 90° with respect to the direction of aircraft travel and skid, producing a large braking effect on the left side. The flight crew were unable to counteract this and it resulted in the aircraft veering to the left and off the runway.

The failure of the lug on the yoke resulted from pre-existing cracks that had progressively grown until the part had insufficient strength to support normal landing loads. The cracks initiated principally from areas of pitting corrosion in the lug’s bore and were propagated by cyclic stresses imposed during operation.

The ATSB identified a safety issue whereby the maintenance and inspection program for the aircraft’s landing gear did not adequately provide for the detection of corrosion and cracking in the yoke lug bore.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has released Airworthiness Bulletin AWB 32-023 to alert all Fairchild Swearingen Metro and Merlin operators of the need for detailed inspection of the internal bore of the landing gear torque link lugs for any signs of corrosion or wear outside of the manufacturer’s specified limits and to take appropriate action per the aircraft’s structural repair manual, where necessary.

In addition, the aircraft’s Type Certificate Holder has drafted several service bulletins titled “inspection of Main Landing Yoke for Corrosion and/or Damage” that will significantly increase the effectiveness of maintenance inspections for the affected parts.

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