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Italian safety agency issues safety recommendations for drones
11 March 2016

The Italian National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV)  issued five safety recommendations to reduced the safety risks of the operation of drones in Italian airspace.

Over the year 2015 the ANSV received 18 reports of unmanned vehicles interfering with flight operations in civil airspace, a sharp increase compared to previous years.

As a result of further investigation of these cases and meetings with aviation industry stakeholders, ANSV published five safety recommendations:

  1. The Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) should create a register for all small unmanned aircraft, comparable to the register recently initiated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration,
  2. ENAC should start an information campaign, aimed at encouraging the development of an aeronautical culture among drone users,
  3. The Interior Ministry and Italian Municipalities should raise awareness among local police forces to sanction in an effective, fair and prompt way those drone operators who violate existing legislation.
  4. ENAC should, in coordination with the Ministry of Economic Development, consider the installation of geofencing software on drones, which automatically limits in areas where the use of drones is not allowed.
  5. ENAC should, in coordination with the Ministry of Economic Development, and the Aero Club of Italy, evaluate the possibility of identifying specific frequency bands to be allocated for professional drone use.

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