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Dutch Safety Board starts investigation into safety at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport
2 March 2016
Surface movement radar, Schiphol Airport (Photo: Mark Brouwer / CC-BY-SA)

Surface movement radar, Schiphol Airport (Photo: Mark Brouwer / CC-BY-SA)

The Dutch Safety Board has started a thematic investigation into air traffic safety at and around Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport.

Over the past few years, the Dutch Safety Board has investigated multiple incidents at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport. With a view to further improving safety at the airport, the Board decided to investigate whether these incidents may be due to multiple root problems, such as the design, location and use of the airport.

Among other things, the investigation will determine whether the parties involved followed up the Board’s previous recommendations. The Board will also gather information on how the parties involved have been fulfilling their responsibilities with respect to the various safety aspects of air traffic. Also, the Board will analyse the decision making processes regarding the airport to find out how safety relates to economical and environmental factors.

The events and incidents investigated previously by the Board included aircraft taking off from a runway not cleared for use, runway incursions and technical problems.

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