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FAA warns U.S. airlines for unannounced North Korean missile tests in Pyongyang FIR
9 October 2015
Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) with 132° boundary

Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) with 132° boundary

The U.S. FAA is advising U.S. airlines to exercise caution when flying in the eastern part of North Korean airspace due to possible missile test launches.

In recent years, North Korea has conducted multiple ballistic missile test launches. Some of these launches included Rodong-1 medium-range ballistic missiles. The Rodong-1 is an adaptation of the Soviet SS-1 ‘Scud’ missile. and SCUD short-range ballistic missiles.

For this reason the FAA had already prohibited operations of U.S. aircraft from flying in the Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) west of 132 degrees east longitude. However, the North Korean missiles are capable of flying beyond the 132 degrees east longitude boundary. Some of the missiles have impacted outside this boundary. North Korea does not often issue NOTAMs or provide other adequate advanced warning of planned test launches.
Such no-notice missile launch activities pose a hazard to civil flight operations, including those operating on air routes B467 and G711. Additional unannounced North Korean rocket or missile launches into the open-water areas of the Pyongyang FIR (ZKKP) are possible, particularly during periods of heightened political tension, during military training exercises, and associated with significant North Korean national anniversary dates. U.S. operators are advised to use caution when planning for and operating in and around the Pyongyang FIR east of 132 degrees east longitude.

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