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FAA warns U.S. airlines for interference with GPS systems near Seoul, South Korea
9 October 2015
Incheon FIR (RKRR)

Incheon FIR (RKRR)

The U.S. FAA is advising U.S. airlines to exercise caution when flying in the Incheon FIR (RKRR), especially near Seoul, due to possible  interference with or disruption of GPS navigation systems.

U.S. operators flying in the Incheon FIR (RKRR) have previously experienced interference with or disruption of their GPS navigation systems while flying into or out of the area, particularly during periods of military exercises. During 2011- 2013, civil aviation operators were exposed to interference on several occasions that impacted GPS navigation during approach and departure at South Korea’s Seoul-Incheon International Airport (RKSI). While GPS interference with civil aviation at the incident levels previously experienced has not been reported recently, North Korea remains equipped with jamming capabilities and could employ these systems with little or no prior warning. Pilots should be prepared to use non-GPS navigational aids in the event that interference or disruption is encountered.

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