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Colombian Beechjet 400A makes emergency landing after dual engine flame out
14 August 2015
Radar image of the flight path and developing weather (GRIAA).

Radar image of the flight path and developing weather (GRIAA).

A Beechcraft 400A Beechjet airplane, registration HK-4756, performed an emergency landing at Palanquero Air Base, Colombia following a dual engine flame out.

According to a preliminary report issued by the GRIAA, the corporate jet had just initiated its descent from FL450 towards Bogotá when it entered a maturing convective cell. Both engines flamed out at FL448 at 23:15 hours local time.
Immediate depressurization of the aircraft forced the use of oxygen masks. Emergency battery power provided power for some instruments in the cockpit. The Control Center made several calls to the aircraft without getting any response. However when emergency power was re-established the crew declared an emergency and requested coordination with the Colombian Air Force to make an an emergency landing at Palanquero Air Base.
The crew performed a controlled descent, during which the crew made several attempts to restart the engine without satisfactory results. A safe landing was carried out at 23:30 hours local time. On the ground one engine was restarted, allowing the plane to taxi to the apron.

A post-incident test showed both engines worked fine, allowing for the aircraft to be ferried to Bogotá.
This serious incident in under investigation by the GRIAA.

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