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Phenom jet crash at Blackbushe: long, high speed landing after unstabilized approach
6 August 2015
Blackbushe aerodrome chart, showing LDA and approximate touchdown point

Blackbushe aerodrome chart, showing LDA and approximate touchdown point

The Saudi Arabian Embraer Phenom 300 jet that crashed at Blackbushe Airport, U.K. on July 31 landed long and fast landing after an unstabilized approach, according to preliminary information released by the AAIB.

The Phenom jet, HZ-IBN, entered the left-hand circuit for runway 25 at Blackbushe via the crosswind leg. Towards the end of the downwind leg, it overtook a microlight aircraft, before climbing slightly to pass ahead of and above that aircraft. Several TCAS Resolution Advisories were issued to the pilot during the manoeuvre.

Following this climb, HZ-IBN then descended at up to 3,000 feet per minute towards the threshold of runway 25. When HZ-IBN was 1.1 nm from the runway threshold it flew at 1,200 feet above airfield level at a speed of 146 KIAS, with the landing gear down and flap 3 selected. The target threshold speed for the aircraft was calculated to have been 108 KIAS.

The aircraft continued its approach at approximately 150 KIAS. Between 1,200 and 500 feet the rate of descent averaged approximately 3,000 fpm. The aircraft’s TAWS generated six ‘pull up’ warnings on final approach. The aircraft crossed the threshold of runway 25 at approximately 50 feet at 150 KIAS.
Tyre marks made by the aircraft at touchdown indicated that it landed approximately 710 m beyond the runway 25 threshold. Runway 25 has a declared Landing Distance Available (LDA) of 1,059 m; therefore the aircraft touched down approximately 349 m before the end of the declared LDA, 438 m before the end of the paved runway surface. The airspeed on touchdown was still 134 KIAS. At this speed the landing ground roll required to stop the aircraft would be at least 616 m.

The aircraft departed the paved surface at the end of runway 25 approximately three metres to the left of the extended runway centreline. It then collided with a one metre high earth bank causing the lower section of the nose landing gear and the nose gear doors to detach. The aircraft became airborne again briefly, before colliding with several cars parked at an adjacent business and coming to rest approximately 70 metres beyond the earth bank. The aircraft’s wing detached from the fuselage during the impact sequence and an intense fire developed shortly thereafter, consuming the majority of the aircraft.

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