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Serious incident report: ATR-72 approaches wrong runway at Tel Aviv
12 July 2015
Final approach path (MoT)

Final approach path (MoT)

The Israeli Ministry of Transport published the final report of their investigation into a serious incident at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport when an ATR-72 approached the wrong runway.

On June 18, 2015, Arkia flight IZ5808 from Eilat, Israel, was approaching Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport when the crew requested a visual approach to runway 12. It was night and the copilot was Pilot Flying. The controller cleared the flight for a right hand circuit for runway 12.
During the turn to finals the copilot began to line up with runway 08. At the same time the captain was working the ‘before landing’ check list. After finishing the check list, the captain observed that the aircraft was lined up with the wrong runway.
At the same time the Tower Controller also noted the error and radioed: “AIZ5808, turn left, you are on final 08”.
The captain quickly responded: “Copied AIZ5808, we have the runway in sight”. After obtaining confirmation that they had runway 12 in sight, the Tower Controller notified the crew: “For your information we have A320 lining up runway 26 W2” and the captain the reassured that they had the A320 in sight: “We have the Airbus in sight also, AIZ5808”.
A safe landing was then carried out on runway 12.