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Report: Fokker 100 uncontained APU failure pierces bulkhead
19 June 2015
Damage to the rear pressure bulkhead (BFU)

Damage to the rear pressure bulkhead (BFU)

The German BFU released an interim report on an accident involving a Fokker 100 passenger plane at Nuremberg Airport, Germany. 

On January 20, 2015, a Fokker 100, HB-JVE, was parked at stand 30 at Nuremberg Airport, Germany. The aircraft was operated by Helvetic Airways on a flight for Swiss International Air Lines to Zurich, Switzerland. All passengers were on board and the doors were closed.

The aircraft was being de-iced on the stand in preparation for departure. The de-icing employee was applying de-icing fluid on the side of the right hand engine when he heard the APU revving up. He switched off the spray system when noticing an increase in exhaust gasses from the APU. Subsequently there was a loud bang. After a second loud bang the aircraft shuddered and the APU stopped. Debris from the APU engine penetrated the pressure bulkhead and smoke appeared in the passenger cabin. The passengers were directed to the front of the cabin and all occupants left the plane through the forward exit.

Investigation showed a 100 mm hole in the pressure bulkhead, just below the rear cabin crew seats.

The investigation  is continuing.

More information:

BFU Bulletin January 2015 (PDF, in German)