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ANA Boeing 737-800 in serious double runway incursion incident at Okinawa Airport, Japan
3 June 2015


A Boeing 737-800 operated by All Nippon Airways (ANA) was involved in two successive serious runway incursions at Okinawa-Naha Airport, Japan.

All Nippon flight NH1694, a Boeing 737-800 registered JA80AN, rejected take-off from runway 18 of Naha Airport, when a Japan Air Self-Defence Force Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter took off toward Kumejima Airport (UEO/ROKJ) and flew across the active runway from east to west without ATC take-off clearance during the take-off roll of NH1694. The pilots of CH-47 mistook ANA’s take-off clearance for their own clearance.

While JA80AN was on the runway after rejecting take-off, Japan Transocean Air flight NU610 from New Ishigaki Airport (ISG/ROIG), a Boeing 737-400 with 44 onboard, landed on the same runway, though the Naha tower ordered to go-around just before JTA’s touchdown. No person were injured in both incidents. Flight NH1694 was cancelled after the incidents, and JA80AN was out of service for maintenance.

Flight NH1694 came to stop about 1800 m past the runway threshold. The JTA Boeing 737 stopped at 1280 meters past the runway threshold, at the taxiway E3 turnoff.

Okinawa Naha (ROAH) runway 18 chart

Okinawa Naha (ROAH) runway 18 chart