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ICAO launches conflict zone risk information website
11 April 2015
ICAO Conflict Zone Information Repository website

ICAO Conflict Zone Information Repository website

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) launched a prototype conflict zone risk information repository in the wake of the MH17 shootdown in July 2014.

The conflict zone repository was one of the more important proposals included in the comprehensive risk mitigation strategy proposed by ICAO’s conflict zone task force during 2014. The task force, initiated following the MH17 shoot down, also recommended that a suitable legal framework be established to ensure that ICAO would not face liability implications arising from the information which States submit.

The new repository is accessible via ICAO’s public website homepage for representatives from States, airlines and the general public. As it becomes populated with submissions, it will provide up-to-date information on potential risks to civil aviation arising from armed conflict.

Only authorized State officials will have the right to submit risk information under the procedures agreed to by the ICAO Council. In all cases, the identity of the State submitting information to the repository will be clearly indicated, and States being referenced in a risk submission will also have the opportunity to review and approve the related information prior to public posting.

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