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Zintan Airport, Libya damaged in air strike
18 February 2015

Flights were cancelled at Zintan Airport in Libya when the airport was damaged in an air strike on February 17.

Al Arabiya News quoted a statement by the airport saying “A warplane conducted an air strike on the airport of Zintan while passengers were about to depart. Two flights were canceled for security [reasons].” Photos show limited damage was done to an area near the runway.

Al Arabiya reported that the airstrike was carried out by a Tripoli-based militia. Zintan is located about 150 km southwest of Tripoli.

Zintan Airport was one of the few airports open to accept international flights. ICAO however, in a State Letter, reported to all member states that it had received information from the United States calling into question the safety of operations in the central and western part of the Tripoli FIR, including Zwara and Zintan.