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Taiwan steps up inspection of TransAsia as ten ATR-72 pilots fail test
11 February 2015
TransAsia's ATR-72 B-22816 (photo Hyun Fumio)

TransAsia’s ATR-72 B-22816 (photo Hyun Fumio)

The Taiwanese Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) reported that it is increasing the inspections of the operations of TransAsia Airways in the aftermath of the fatal accident involving flight GE235 at Taipei.

The investigation  of the February 4 accident involving a TransAsia  ATR-72 focusses on the way the pilots handled an apparent engine failure. Preliminary information suggests the pilots proceeded to shut down and restart the remaining working engine during the emergency.

This led the Taiwanese CAA to order oral proficiency tests of all of TransAsia’s ATR-72 pilots on handling an aircraft during engine failure. By February 11 a total of 49 pilots had been tested, with ten of them failing the test. TransAsia suspended these pilots from flying duties and sent them for refresher training. Meanwhile, the CAA increased the cockpit en route inspection frequency of TransAsia.