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Russia prohibits airlines to use the Tripoli FIR in Libya due to safety risks
4 February 2015
Tripoli FIR (HLLL)

Tripoli FIR (HLLL)

Russian aviation authorities prohibit Russian civil aircraft to use the Tripoli Flight Information Region (FIR) due to safety risks.

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, also known as Rosaviatsiya, prohibited flights to use the Tripoli FIR as of February 2, 2015, 09:00 UTC until further notice. Rosaviatsiya referred to a an ICAO letter as the base for their decision.

Libyan authorities reported to ICAO that, due to armed conflicts in Libya, all airports in the country were closed to international flights with the exception of Al Abraq International Airport (LAQ/HLLQ), Tobruk Airport (TOB/HLTQ), Zwara Airport (WAX/HLZW) and Zintan Airport.
The United States authorities have advised ICAO on developments that call into question the safety of operations in the central and western part of the Tripoli FIR, including Zwara and Zentan, but also on those ATS routes in the Tripoli FIR, north of the Libyan coastline. ICAO has also been informed about threats published on the internet that civilian or military aircraft from one State, which might enter Libyan airspace, will be shot down.