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Guyana calls of search for missing BN-2 Islander plane
20 January 2015
Search area for the BN-2 Islander

Search area for the BN-2 Islander

Authorities in Guyana called off the search for a BN-2 Islander plane that went missing on a domestic flight on December 28, 2014.

On December 28, 2014, 11:42 hours local time, a Britten-Norman BN-2A-6 Islander of Air Services Ltd. took off from Mahdia Airport (MHA) in Guyana on a routine cargo flight to Karisparu Airport. On board were a pilot and a cargo handler.

The last known position was recorded at 11:44 local time. The aircraft was estimated to arrive Karisparu 12:00 local time. After the aircraft was reported overdue, five aircraft conducted reconnaissance flights over the Mahdia, Kaietuer, Karisparu and Taffy areas following the most probable track that the aircraft would have flown.

During a period of 21 days, extensive searches were conducted by three helicopters and two fixed winged aircraft from a base established at Mahdia, to locations identified as high probability areas determined as a result of sightings and more than twenty interviews with miners, villagers and relatives. Over two hundred and thirty (230) hours were flown.

Ground searches complemented the aerial searches after day three and intensified thereafter. Approximately twenty insertions and extractions of ground search parties were done at nine landing areas to trek along the treacherous and densely forested terrain.

After a period of 21 days all leads had been exhausted without success.  As a result the Guyana Minister of Public Works in collaboration with the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) took a decision to end the search for the missing plane.

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