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Germany investigates serious ground collision incident between A320 and airport vehicle
16 November 2014
Taxi route of the Airbus (BFU)

Taxi route of the Airbus (BFU)

The German accident investigation agency BFU released a preliminary report on a ground collision incident at Frankfurt Airport involving an Airbus A320 and a vehicle.

On August 26, 2014, and Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 landed at Franfurt Airport, Germany at 21:50 hours on runway 07L. The airplane,  flight OS127, arrived from Vienna, Austria with 165 passengers and six crew members.

According to the crew, the aircraft left the runway 07L at holding point P8. The Airbus taxied down taxiway P and N11. It was dark, raining heavily and visibility was limited. On taxiway N11 a VW Caddy vehicle collided with the aircraft. The vehicle drove on a service road that crossed the taxiway N11 in this area. The driver had performed some work on the airfield and was on his way back to the workshop. The Caddy was driving from west to east. The Airbus taxied on the taxiway N11 to the south. According to the flight crew, the collision warning light, taxi light, navigation lights and logo lights were turned on.

The crew of the Airbus had noticed a ‘slight tremor’ but this was attributed to the unevenness in the surface of the taxiway. The aircraft taxied to the intended position A34.

The vehicle sustained substantial damage. The Airbus sustained damage to the right hand main landing gear wheel rim, the APU fuel drain and rear fuselage skin.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: BFU.