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ATSB: increase in control issue occurrences in Australia
14 November 2014
Control issues per 100,000 flights (ATSB)

Control issues per 100,000 flights (ATSB)

The Australian Transportation Safety Bureau (ATSB) published it’s first report of safety trends in Australian aviation.

The report summarises trends in Australian aviation from January to June 2014, comparing it to a five-year average, and what safety action was taken to address those trends.

Of note in this reporting period was an increase in the rate of airborne collision alert system warnings in high-capacity air transport operations over the past five quarters (since April-June 2013). Most of these occurred in Sydney (12 of 28 in the past six months). All of these happened during independent visual approaches (IVAs) and 10 of them on runway 34L/R. An ATSB investigation into IVAs at Sydney Airport will be completed later this year.

While control issues with high-capacity aircraft are a low frequency occurrence, there was an increase in occurrences from January to June 2014. However, 10 of 16 of these were reported by one airline. The Fokker 100 was over-represented by fleet and activity size with five occurrences.

Loss of separation incidents involving low capacity air transport also increase in January to June. Darwin and the Northern Territory in general were the most common location for these. Most were low risk although there was one high collision risk occurrence during this six-month period.

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